South Africa

Childhood Statelessness in South Africa

Childhood statelessness in South Africa is a generally unaddressed, largely preventable, but growing phenomenon.

Lawyers for Human Rights annual report 2015

The year 2015 was particularly interesting for South Africa as a whole, it has been dubbed as the year where “things fell in South Africa” from the apartheid statues to “Fees must fall”. What was particularly important was seeing young South Africans coming together to advocate for social change, this reminded us as a country that in a democratic state such as ours, there is no room for inequality, discrimination and social exclusion of the poor.

Lawyers for Human Rights annual report 2014

This year marks many important milestones – 20 years of democracy in South Africa and 50 years since the Rivonia treason trial took place.

Queue Here for Corruption: Measuring Irregularities in South Africa’s Asylum System

The report “Queue Here for Corruption: Measuring Irregularities in South Africa’s Asylum System” comes as SA grapples with xenophobic violence, incoherent changes to the country’s immigration policies and dubious attempts by  various spheres of government to address these issues.

LHR files high court challenge against Operation Fiela-Reclaim

The urgent high court application to interdict the government from continuing with Operation Fiela-Reclaim raids unless legislative provisions are adhered to has been removed from the urgent roll in the high court in Pretoria.

2013 annual report

The 2013 annual report highlights some of LHR's most noteworthy cases and interventions.

Promoting Citizenship and Preventing Statelessness in South Africa: A Practitioner’s Guide

The Guide was drafted with the intention of aiding attorneys, paralegals and social workers in promoting access to citizenship and combating statelessness in the country. The guide is a collection of lessons learned in our effort to assist clients in accessing nationality. The guide is hoped to assist in demystifying the current legal framework relating to nationality and statelessness and will provide tools to play an active role in the ongoing reform of this field of law.

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