Land and Housing Unit

The Land and Housing Programme focuses its work on large scale evictions and housing needs.

In the rural areas it focuses on historical land claims in terms of the Restitution of Land Rights Act of 1994. Rural land claims pose a number of peculiar and difficult challenges. Although the right to claim dispossessed land is a constitutional right in terms of Section 25(7), claimants bear particularly heavy and technical burdens of proof.

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The 2013 annual report highlights some of LHR's most noteworthy cases and interventions.

Land rights defenders are increasingly the target of repressive measures, says the Observatory in a new report published in The Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa.

The pressure on land has become unbearable and mobilisation for the respect of the economic, social and cultural rights of affected communities has become a high risk activity.

Lawyers for Human Rights have done extensive work in its various programmes during 2012, including the Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme, Strategic Litigation Unit, Land and Housing Programme and Environmental Rights Programme.

The experience of childhood is increasingly urban. Over half the world’s people – including more than a billion children – now live in cities and towns. Many children enjoy the advantages of urban life, including access to educational, medical and recreational facilities. Too many, however, are denied such essentials as electricity, clean water and health care – even though they may live close to these services.


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