Security of Farm Workers Project

The Project was established in October 1998 to protect and promote the rights of rural dwellers directly threatened with eviction. In addition to defending farm workers facing possible eviction, the Project promotes and advocates for the tenure security rights of farm workers through the facilitation of training workshops, the bi-annual publication of Die Okkupeerder newsletters and other networking activities.

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Cases and Judgements



The 2013 annual report highlights some of LHR's most noteworthy cases and interventions.

Lawyers for Human Rights have done extensive work in its various programmes during 2012, including the Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme, Strategic Litigation Unit, Land and Housing Programme and Environmental Rights Programme.

The experience of childhood is increasingly urban. Over half the world’s people – including more than a billion children – now live in cities and towns. Many children enjoy the advantages of urban life, including access to educational, medical and recreational facilities. Too many, however, are denied such essentials as electricity, clean water and health care – even though they may live close to these services.

LHR has brought a number of high profile cases in the 2008/9 period. In the Zimabawean Exiles Forum matter, LHR sought the release of several Zimbabwean human rights activists who were arrested and threatened with deportation following a protest against the arms shipment to Zimbabwe that took place at the gates of the Chinese Embassy.

The Security of Farm Workers Project has contact every day with farm workers. Through this, we have found that there is a misconception by occupiers that the Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997 (ESTA) grants occupiers ownership rights to their residences which they occupy on farms. A farm worker does not receive ownership of a house that has been allocated to him on a farm. In the past, prior to November 1997, farm workers had no protection regulating their rights of residence on a farm. As a result, farm workers were unfairly evicted without any court processes being followed by a land owner.


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Programme Photos

LHR's Wayne Ncube educates Wits law students about working in public interest law
LHR educates Wits law students about working in public interest law
LHR's Kayan Leung educates Wits law students about working in public interest law