Refugee Information Guide

The full Refugee Information Guide (information guide) can be downloaded here, while the individual chapters can be downloaded below.

The first part provides important information on how to apply for asylum and seek legal assistance, where to find material assistance, how to access social assistance such as health, education, employment, trauma- and psychological support both from government and non-governmental sources. It also provides general information about South Africa.

The second part consists of a detailed directory of the relevant government departments, international organisations, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), and community-based and religious organisations offering assistance to the refugee community in South Africa. Please note that the South African government’s policies and practices may change. Please check the Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) website,, for the most up-todate information.

Refugee Information Guide by chapter

  1. Who is a refugee
  2. Asylum application
  3. Asylum applications from children
  4. Legal advice
  5. Permits
  6. Durable solutions
  7. Helpful tips
  8. Arrest and detention
  9. Social services
  10. Education
  11. Employment
  12. Health services
  13. Violence against women
  14. National directory of immigrant and refugee service providers 

The full Refugee Information Guide in a single PDF:

Refugee Survival Guide